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Fast Food Showdown

Fast Food Showdown

You can’t beat good, old-fashioned padkos: meatballs, sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and sticky drumsticks stashed in an ice-cream container, ready for a roadside picnic with a hot cup of coffee from your flask.

But the truth is that many of us don’t get it together to pack padkos the night before a road trip and that’s where fast food comes into the picture. So we decided to send out a team of tasters to assess the cost and quality of what’s out there. Their brief was simple: Tuck into a cheeseburger and chips, sample a milkshake and drink the coffee. We wanted to find out which of the roadside franchises would satisfy your hunger pangs, and which would leave you feeling a little queasy.

A disclaimer: We know this is not an exact science, and contrary to what TV adverts would have you believe, no two franchises are identical. Our panel only visited one outlet each, which means that there may well be a better burger somewhere else, where the burger flipper had a better night’s sleep.

All good? Lets tuck in!

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