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Karan Beef exhibits at the Ultimate Beef Show 2012

Karan Beef exhibits at the Ultimate Beef Show 2012

The Ultimate Beef Show, which was held at the Birchwood Hotel on 24th September 2012, was conceptualised to educate and revive the age-old beef tradition to all meat lovers.

The appreciation of a tender piece of beef is as engrained in a true South African’s DNA as rugby, Castle Lager and Mrs Balls Chutney.

The beef industry is one of the significant contributors to the South African economy. The last few years have, however, seen this sector taking somewhat of a knock. The downturn can be broadly attributed to an increasing sensitivity to price, a greater awareness in health, diets and food safety, convenience (‘ready to eat’ and ‘heat-and-eat’ having become more popular then fresh produce) and the availability of alternative protein sources such as poultry.

Mis-information has unfortunately given beef a bad rap. What many do not realise is that South Africa’s beef is actually very healthy. Americans consume beef with an average fat content of 30-35%. In South Africa, this ratio is as low as 13%. The quality of South African beef is closely monitored by SAMIC (South African Meat Industry Company), and its beef classification system is unique, providing a basis for traceability.

Ultimate Beef was conceptualised to educate meat lovers about the merits of beef, and to revive the deep-rooted South African age-old beef tradition. Steve Maresch, founder of the brand new and owner of the Local Grill restaurant, is a recognised aficionado of all matters relating to quality South African beef. Sourcing it, storing it, preparing and serving it, Steve has a passion to debunk the myths surrounding this precious protein, and to bring ‘sexy’ back to beef.

Ultimate Beef’s objectives are simple:

  • To encourage the enjoyment and taste appeal of beef.
  • To educate South Africans about its versatility and value.
  • To promote the nutritional value of beef.
  • To build confidence and assurance of the safety of southern African beef by communicating good management practices from farm to fork.

Karan Beef used the occasion to showcase their range of beef cuts in the demonstration kitchen, the Local Grills food stand and from their own promotional stand where they promoted their range of 28 day Aged Steaks.

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