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Karan Beef Aged Steaks

Karan Beef Aged Steaks

Karan Beef Aged Steaks are produced from “A” Grade beef. Taken from specifically selected cattle, these steak cuts have been aged under hygienic conditions for a minimum of 28 days, ensuring tenderness, succulence and flavour.

These premium steaks are currently available in the following popular cuts:

A. Fillet

  • The most exclusive and tender cut of beef, thus making it a highly sought after steak on the menu of any leading restaurant.

B. Rump

  • With its robust meaty flavour and coarser texture it is considered to be “the steak” to be enjoyed by meat eaters everywhere.

C. Sirloin

  • The housewives choice. Due to its uniformity and less coarse texture, it is always a family favourite.

D. Ribeye

  • The mouth-watering flavour and superior tenderness makes it a favourite worldwide. Originating from the eye of the prime rib its slightly coarse texture ensures a succulent and appetising steak.

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